Traditional Asturian stewed beans
Recipe for Fabada, a Spanish traditional home-made dish
The origin of the the fabada starts in Asturias, its 400 km. of seashore makes it one of the most stunning northern coastal regions in Spain.

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Spanish traditional cuisine stands for its fantastic stewed legume dishes. Legume is claimed as one of the best and healthiest protein resources for your family. Every single home in Spain has one legume dish once or twice a week, at least. The Fabada is the most popular, cheap, easy and successful one, especially recommended when the weather is not so nice to warm up your body... and your spirit!

The origin of the Fabada starts in Asturias, its 400 km. of seashore makes it one of the most stunning northern coastal regions in Spain. Home to landscapes with rolling green hills, cattle grazing freely, amazing cliffs and an incredible seashore. Definitely, Asturias is a Must-Go at any time.

Fabada, a Spanish traditional home-made dish
ingredients for 6 people
  • 750gr beans
  • 500gr serrano ham
  • 2 black pudding
  • 2 chorizos
  • 150 g. fresh bacon
  • 1 Laurel/bay leaf
  • 1 Garlic clove
  • Parsley
  • 1 Small onion (optional)
  • Saffron
  • 1Put the beans to soak overnight in cold water.
  • 2Put also the ham to soak overnight, but in warm water.
  • 3Place the beans in a big pot.
  • 4Add the chorizos, the whole onion, the chopped garlic, the laurel and the parsley.
  • 5When it starts to boil, turn down heat to the lowest.
  • 6Let cook the beans, don't cover them. Be careful so they don’t lose their peel.
  • 7Pour a little cold water from time to time.
  • 8After 2 hours cooking, add the black pudding.
  • 9Add the saffron, toasted and crushed.
  • 10Once the beans are tender enough, add salt to taste.
  • 11Remove onion and laurel.
  • 12Mince the meats.
  • 13Serve hot.
If the dish gets too 'watery', then blend some beans, add them to the pot and let boil uncovered. That will give smoothness and thickness to the dish.
Group: First courses
Preparation time: 2 hours 30 minutes minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Calories: High
Price: Low
Base food: Vegetables
Author: Restaurant 'VIATOR', Las Caldas, Oviedo (Asturias)

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