Recipe for Plate of assorted Iberian cold cuts
In a nice layout on the plate, this dish itself will be a perfect starter for an informal lunch or dinner. With some breadsticks aside, it matches pretty well with a glass of red Spanish wine.

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Jessica Acosta Roschmann


Presented in a flower shape, this dish is a delicatessen that can be served as a starter or as a main course for an informal dinner.


Plate of assorted Iberian cold cuts
ingredients for 6 people
  • 150 gr cured Iberian loin
  • 150 gr Iberian 'chorizo'
  • 150 gr Iberian 'salchichón' – non paprika chorizo
  • 50 gr Iberian ham
  • Breadsticks
  • 1Cut into quite thin slices.
  • 2Place them in a plate, starting from the edge with the bigger slices.
  • 3Make a flower shape with the ham, rolling a slice with the with fat upside.
  • 4Place it just in the middle.
  • 5Set aside a small saucer or basket with some breadsticks.
The Iberian cold meats are the most expensive, but the best ones. The loin can be changed for some aged cheese and the price will be lower. Remember to cut everything quite thin!
Group: First courses
Difficulty: Easy
Calories: High
Price: High
Base food: Meat
Author: Con Mucha Gula

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